We focus our attention on the details.

This enables us to always control the quality.

We have over 25 years experience designing and building unusual structures, of both interior and exterior elements, of single family high - end homes.

Our style:  Work with existing spaces in unique and creative ways to maximize utilization of any space.  To illustrate: The south exposure provides natural light.  This maybe the preferred location of a much large window or even French doors.  Why not consider a deck?  This  enables home owner to enjoy their home more and increases the value of initial investment.

This property was completely gutted both inside and out. Temporary walls were installed on both sides of the two structural walls on each of the four floors before any bearing walls were removed.                                          

Original plan
: remove basement and first floor structural walls.  Replace with LVL laminate beams and Steel I beams to achieve a contemporary open space.  20 - ton jacks and 2 - ton chain falls were used to position new support elements.

Two small dormer on front removed
.  Designed / installed a huge gable dormer to open up this attic space.  The entire roof was removed and new laminate ridge beam of 16" LVLs 33' long.  14" LVL ridge for new dormer at front.  To support this dormer, triple 12" LVL trimmer rafters installed.  The remaining common rafters are all 12" hem fur.  Many engineered post installed to support these elements all the way to the basement.

Front addition.  Removed entire first floor front wall to the first floor.  Installed one 33' steel beam and posts.
18" LVLs were laminated to create one beam to support this new living space.

The end result of opening up the entire first floor was a kitchen space 22' wide by 43' long.

All new stair carriages were designed to fit each floor height and provided 48' treads.

The garage addition presented challenges.  Configuration was two car space with direct inside entry to main house.  Master bedroom with deck
and 3rd floor attic / office area.

Garage roof transition to main roof / main ridge
.  Designed / installed a gable roof with 2 -  48"x48" fixed roof windows to increase the natural light in this attic area and  flood the entry staircase as well.